About The Tiffany Group

The Tiffany Group is the premier full-service brokerage in South Bend, Indiana. Leveraging its experience, real estate vision, and tremendous resources, The Tiffany Group delivers a level of distinctive services unparalleled in the industry.

By adhering to the John Tiffany’s standards of best-in-class talent, white glove service, attention to detail and strategy, The Tiffany Group demonstrates a clear competitive advantage in marketing and selling investment properties across Michiana.

The Tiffany Group is Michiana’s [ Northerneast Indiana and Southwest Michiana ] only real estate super-brand, and is responsible for many of the regions internationally-owned properties.

The Tiffany Group Divisions

The Tiffany Group have four divisions:

1) South Bend Invest – an online South Bend investment property bidding portal designed for real estate collections investors and serious REO investor acquisitions.

2) Integra Real Estate of Michiana – Renowned for its leadership in Michiana real estate sales, marketing, Integra represents excellence in residential and commercial properties alike.

3) John Tiffany – John Tiffany provides guidance to domestic and international real estate investors looking to aggressively grow their portfolio via REO. John helps investor achieve perfection through saavy entrance and exit strategy development and superior location planning.

4) Equity Steer Property Management – Coming Soon! Superior Property Management


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